Fortnite’s Life Lessons

I love Fortnite. The constantly evolving island, the varied play styles, the toys, back bling, dances… It’s been a blast!

But as I rack up matches, I’ve started realizing that Fortnite Battle Royale is just brimming with great life lessons. Let’s explore:

In the lobby we choose our avatar, and refine our quick-select dances, sprays and toys. Then we ready up and wait for our chance to prove ourselves on this island.

Behind the scenes, the automated curation known as matchmaking, which selects our specific game, happens beyond our knowledge. Are we matched by skill? Are we destined to win? We can’t know.

We just watch a rotating icon connect us to a server with 99 others eagerly waiting to show their stuff on that same small chunk of land.

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Find Your Edges

At a shockingly early age we get pushed towards identity-defining metrics like good grades. High marks become the target for a successful life to children whose life experience measures in the single digits.

Unfortunately, this simplification of our identity leaves many bewildered graduates on the other end of the education system. Diploma clutched in one hand, head scratched by the other.

Hunting for good grades can muddy the vital process of self-discovery, which is arguably the best use of higher education.

College has added value if you can remain adaptive to your own interests. I changed my major three times before landing on what I loved, which required me to admit I was wrong, and then wrong again.

College provided me the time to take classes focused on the edges of my interest. Allowing me to discover at least as much about myself as the facts we were compelled to regurgitate on tests for grades that we’ve lived our entire lives to earn.

Running headlong toward my edges allowed me to find what I loved and what I didn’t, what I’m good at and what I’m not. It helped me understand how I might best fit in the world.

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