Your Future Doctor’s Visit

It seems we’re all preparing for a future doctor’s visit where we deal more with screens than people. And that might soon be the case in a hectic ER, but if we’re just visiting our general physician, I predict we’ll still be greeted by nurses for the foreseeable future.

I see AI’s march into the medical world starting in one area: Specialists.

Alphabet’s DeepMind just announced its intention to make a product that will be able to scan human eyeballs for disease just as well as any specialist. I can’t imagine skin disorders being too far off after that.

Mole checks, foot fungus, freaky toenails, everything that can receive a “Yep, that’s [blank]” from a doctor will more frequently be handled by your general practitioner. You’ll get fewer recommendations to head to a separate doctor’s office. This might sound like chimes of liberation to those with an HMO!

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