Fortnite’s Life Lessons

I love Fortnite. The constantly evolving island, the varied play styles, the toys, back bling, dances… It’s been a blast!

But as I rack up matches, I’ve started realizing that Fortnite Battle Royale is just brimming with great life lessons. Let’s explore:

In the lobby we choose our avatar, and refine our quick-select dances, sprays and toys. Then we ready up and wait for our chance to prove ourselves on this island.

Behind the scenes, the automated curation known as matchmaking, which selects our specific game, happens beyond our knowledge. Are we matched by skill? Are we destined to win? We can’t know.

We just watch a rotating icon connect us to a server with 99 others eagerly waiting to show their stuff on that same small chunk of land.

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Marcus Aurelius – Meditations

Here’s a guy that lived for a mere 59 years on Earth, managing to become the emperor of Rome, and writing a journal that remains one of the most heavily recommended books of all time.

Why is Meditations so good? I’d assume the reason might be his relatable perspective of self, and the briskness and focus of his messages. The Hays translation also brightens up the conversational nature of Aurelius’ passages.

This guy understood the relative insignificance of his own existence when measured against all of eternity, but within that humility he found a razor sharp perspective on what to value in life.

It might sound silly to say that the emperor of Rome could teach the plebeians about perspective. But then again, reading this book written around 150 A.D. still feels as relevant as ever in today’s world.

That’s really saying something.

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Plato The Symposium

The value of an idea might be defined by its resonance over time.

I present Plato’s The Symposium as the first addition to the reading list. One of the oldest books I’ve read, the power of the ideas found here have fundamentally changed my life.

That’s why it’s so shocking for me to consider that this was written a staggering 2,400 years ago! The translation I happened to choose, the Walter Hamilton translated 1951 edition for Penguin Classics, deserves credit for this impact as well.

This story is told by Apollodorus of Phaleron talking to Plato about a conversation he had with an acquaintance about a dinner party that Socrates attended.

Most of the story of this dinner revolved around a conversational game played by the men around the table. Each was to give their best defense of love.

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