Plato The Symposium

The value of an idea might be defined by its resonance over time.

I present Plato’s The Symposium as the first addition to the reading list. One of the oldest books I’ve read, the power of the ideas found here have fundamentally changed my life.

That’s why it’s so shocking for me to consider that this was written a staggering 2,400 years ago! The translation I happened to choose, the Walter Hamilton translated 1951 edition for Penguin Classics, deserves credit for this impact as well.

This story is told by Apollodorus of Phaleron talking to Plato about a conversation he had with an acquaintance about a dinner party that Socrates attended.

Most of the story of this dinner revolved around a conversational game played by the men around the table. Each was to give their best defense of love.

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